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Using Wireless Microphones

Course Description:

This video teaches you about using wireless microphones. This course covers the basics of using microphones as well as some tips to reduce drop out, distortion and other common wireless microphone issues.

Click on a title below to watch the video:

1 – Introduction :42
2 – Overview of How Wireless Microphones Work 4:30
3 – Reducing Interference 3:54
4 – Choosing Batteries and How They Affect Wireless Microphones 5:38
5 – Properly Setting Gain on Microphones That Have This Feature 5:45
6 – Using Multiple Wireless Microphones 5:27
6 – Summary 1:22

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Brad Herring is an author, consultant and trainer for technology and arts for Houses of Worship. Brad coaches church teams how to use technology and arts to reach the lost and disciple the believer. Follow Brad on twitter @bradherring