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Brad Herring

FamilyPicAbout Brad Herring:

Brad is an author, consultant, speaker and designer.  Brad’s been working with churches for over the past two decades.  He holds a BS in Theatre & Performance Studies.

Brad is passionate about helping churches utilize media and arts to connect with their community.  He’s traveled the country working along side churches to train up their teams, design A/V systems that make sense, and help conceive thematic environments.

Statement of Faith:

I had the good fortune to be raised in a family that loves God and serves Him.  With this heritage, it cleared the way for me to accept Christ as my personal Lord and Savior at the age of 6.  I recall it as clear as yesterday.  I was in my bedroom, staring out the window.  It was a beautiful summer day.  We’d been studying in Sunday School about Jesus, and in that still moment, I knew it was real.  I quietly asked Jesus to come into my life, and take over.  To forgive me of my sins and to make me a new person.  I recall the immediate peace that flushed through my body even at such a young age.

Of course, my parents and pastor wanted to make sure I understood what I was doing, and counseled with me.

A Calling:

Not too long ago I was visiting my childhood home.  When I ventured into the basement, I found, written on the wall, “I know that God wants me to use media and technology to reach the lost and disciple the believer.” – signed and dated 1992.  I had forgotten all about that declaration on the wall, and what a joy it was to find it all these years later as God has worked in my life to be at a point of doing just what He called me to!  Isn’t God great?

Education and Professional Experience:

Brad holds a BS from Kennesaw State University in Theatre & Performance Studies.  He has a minor in Business Law.  His degree tract focused on acting and directing, while his professional experience led him into technical theatre.  Brad has worked as a professional stage manager, lighting designer, sound designer and scenic designer.

After graduation, Brad opened an A/V design/build firm and traveled the country designing and installing A/V systems for theaters and churches.  in 2001, he formed Church Production Resources – a ministry based for profit business aimed at helping churches make qualified media and arts decisions, and training their A/V teams in making the most out of technology.

Brad’s been blessed to present on national stages such as the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), InfoComm, and LDI.  He’s taught at numerous regional and local conferences and of course lots and lots of individual churches.

Brad has produced a well known DVD series that’s helped thousands of churches around the world.  He’s a technical adviser for Technologies for Worship Magazine, and over the years has contributed countless articles and product reviews for various magazines and web blogs.  In 2010 Brad was approached by Focal Press Publishing, and agreed to author, “Sound, Lighting and Video – A Resource for Worship”.   This book has proved to be one of the most valuable and timely technical resource books for Houses of Worship.

Always looking for a way to train Houses of Worship in quality but cost-effective ways, Brad developed his online training library featured on this website in 2013.  He still travels, helping churches utilize technology and arts to reach a lost world and to further disciple the believer.