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Using Wireless Microphones

Course Description: This video teaches you about using wireless microphones. This course covers the basics of using microphones as well as some tips to reduce drop out, distortion and other common wireless microphone issues. Click on a title below to watch the video: 1 – Introdu

The Life of Peter – An Encouragement for All of Us

When people think about Peter they think about many different things.  The concept of “hot and cold” certainly come to mind as we see the dynamic wins and soaring failures in Peter’s life.  However, many people likely think of Peter as the disciple that sank in the s

What makes a good sound engineer for worship?

There are several skill sets that are helpful to a good sound engineer, but there are some fundamental “must-have’s”. 1 – A willing heart 2- Someone who stays focused and realizes the ministry is to usher people into the throne room 3- Someone who either has a