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We can learn a lot from our kids

My wife and I recently had our first child. She’s 10 months old and it’s fascinating to watch her learn. I see a lot of parallels between our child growing up and my relationship with God. I believe that God gives us animals, kids and relationships in general to learn what
God Has You Right Where He Wants You

God Has You Right Where He Wants You

When times get tough, or things aren’t going our way, we often think that we must be outside of God’s will.  When we disagree with people or don’t enjoy what we are doing, we often decide we must not be doing what God wants us to. However, the truth is, God often pla

No Mix Ups – Custom labels for A/V

A while back I was sent a sample set of the No Mix Up’s label set.  At first I was a little skeptical – after all, I’ve been using board tape and sharpies for over two decades.  However, as I lived with the product for a while I became a fan. The idea behind the labe

The makings of a sound engineer for worship

There is a special calling for a person who operates the sound board for worship. Many people simply assign someone to the “job”, and that’s unfortunate. A true sound engineer for worship needs to be someone who understands the vital role they play in worship.