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Pyle-Pro PCT-40 12 in one cable tester

Recently, I looked into purchasing a cable tester for the work bench. For years I’ve been using the old volt-meter but with so many cables to test, I thought I’d go ahead and invest in a cable tester. There are many to choose from, and I bought a couple. However, for the price and fun

Achieving a Good Sound Mix for Worship

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Yearn to Build Relationships.  The key to a good sound mix is a good relationship with the worship leader and the band. It’s that simple. Let me elaborate with one specific example – guitar amplifiers on stage. Almost every contemporary church struggles with sta
Cooperation and Teamwork

Good Help is Hard to Find

by: Brad Herring Almost every church we visit has the same struggle within their technical ministries – finding good committed people to do the work. Most churches have one or two people that volunteer in A/V. Many of these have over the years taken possessive ownership of the m

Lighting System Overview

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