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Soundboard Basics

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Building an Electronics Repair Bench

In this economy, anything you can do to save money is a good thing.  One way to save money is to do in-house repairs on your A/V equipment when you can.  I’ve found over the years that having a solid workbench that one can use is critical in making efficient time of repairs. The

Developing Quality Performances

  Easter, Christmas, Fourth of July and other holidays offer us an opportunity for big production.  Many churches are limited to the most basic amateur who if you are lucky has had some sort of high-school experience. The end result is most often a non-awe inspiring “hammish” per

No Substitute for Preparation

by: Robert Carter As God continues to bless and smaller churches are birthed and continue to grow, more and more demands are placed on the various departments. The audio department must keep pace with this growth with improvements in live presentation as well as recorded production. F

Marketing Jesus

Recently I toured the World of Coke here in Atlanta. I was awestruck by their incredible marketing engine. Do you realize that according to a 2002 estimate they averaged 750 coca-cola sales PER PERSON IN THE WORLD! The branding is incredible — even the World of Coke itself is a

Storyboarding – More than a Process

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Lights! Camera! ACTION!”. If only it were that easy. I am always amazed at people who have no clue what it takes to do good production. My father is a good example of this – we will spend time planning, shooting, editing, and revising – dad just shakes his

A Boy Named Sue.. What Does It Have To Do With You?

Do you find yourself in a challenging situation? Frustrated with your job? Your ministry? Your boss? There’s hope! This morning I was reminded of an old Country Western song about a father who named his son Sue. His son grew up without his father and hated him for the name his father

Getting Your Head Around Digital Consoles

(Originally printed in Technologies for Worship Magazine. Reprinted with permission) The New Era of Digital Mixing I remember the first time my father threw me the keys to the car and told me to drive. That rush and excitement was very similar to the first time I stepped behind a true

June 12, 2010 – Wireless Microphone Deadline

Original article written April 12, 2010 – republished in 2013 The infamous June 12, 2010 deadline is quickly approaching.  By now, you have most likely heard about the “white spaces” debate. Effective June 12th of 2010, any wireless microphone (or other non-approved wireless dev

Elation Tri-PAR Product Review

Wow. Perhaps that is the best word that I can use to summarize my recent experience with this fixture. I was searching for an inexpensive LED lighting solution for a medium size church. I was actually looking at another fixture that had been highly recommended, but that manufacturer h